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"History lesson, history lesson.."J.B.

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A decade before the terms "tribute-band" and Parrot Head (defining the massive cult following of Jimmy Buffett fans) had been coined, Col had made a living playing music in exotic locations around the world. From the pristine beaches of Australia's east coast, to the then-remote island of Bali, to the Eagle Cafe on San Francisco's Pier 39, Jimmy's music was and remains the perfect soundtrack to a life of sun, surfing, sailing and singing. Since 1975 he's been performing the music of Jimmy Buffett and living the lifestyle at the same time. One could hardly exist without the other!

Left Lone Palm
Right Lone Palm
"Fins to the left: J.B.
"Fins to the right" J.B.
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A Lot To Drink About
A Pirate Looks At Forty
Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
Back To The Islands
Bama Breeze
Banana Republic
Barefoot Children
Barometer Soup
Beach House On The Moon
Blue Guitar
Boat Drinks
Boats To Build
Brahma Fear
Brand New Country Star
Bring Back The Magic
Brown Eyed Girl
Changes In Latitudes
Cheeseburger In Paradise
Christmas In The Caribbean
Christmas Island
Coast Of Carolina
Coconut Telegraph
Come Monday
Cuban Crime of Passion
fying Gravity
Distantly In Love
Door Number Three
Elvis Imitators
Everybody's On The Run
Far Side Of The World
First Look
Flesh and Bone
Frank and Lola
Grapefruit, Juicy Fruit
Great Fillin' Station Holdup
Growing Older But Not Up
Gypsies In The Palace
Happily Ever After
Havana Daydreamin'
He Went To Paris
Honey Do
I Have Found Me A Home
I Heard I Was In Town
I Love The Now
If I Could Get It On Paper
If The Phone Doesn't Ring
In The Shelter
It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere
I Will Play For Gumbo
Jamaica Mistaka
Jimmy Dreams
Jolly Mon
Kick It In Second Wind
Knee Deep (w Zac Brown)
Knees Of My Heart
Lady I Can't Explain
Last Line
Last Mango In Paris
La Vie Danscent
Let's Get Drunk
Little Miss Magic
Livingston Saturday Night
Lone Palm
Lovely Cruise
Lucky Star
Making Music For Money
Meet Me In Memphis
Miss You So Badly
My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink
My Lovely Lady
Nautical Wheelers
No Plane On Sunday
Off To See The Lizard
One Particular Harbor
Only Time Will Tell
Pacing The Cage
Peanut Butter Conspiracy
Pencil Thin Mustache
Presents To Send You
Rag Top Day
Ringlin' Ringlin'
School Boy Heart
Sea Cruise

Six String Music
Slow Boat To China
Somewhere Over China
Something 'Bout A Boat
Spider John
Stars On The Water
Stories We Could Tell
Stranded On A Sandbar
Take Another Road
Tampico Trauma
The Captain And The Kid
The Weather Is Here
The Wino And I Know
The Death Of An Unpopular Poet
The Pascagoula Run
They Don't Dance Like Carmen No More
The Last Man Standing
The Pascagoula Run
This Hotel Room
Tin Cup Chalice
Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season
Twelve-Volt Man
Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost
We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About
West Nashville Grand Ballroom Gowns
When The Coast Is Clear
Who's The Blonde Stranger?
Window On The World
You Call It Jogging


First Look
Changes In Latitudes #
Stars On The Water
We Are The People (Our Parents Warned Us About)
Livingston Saturday Night
Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost

Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards and midi programing~Col

Bill Payne
Electric lead guitar and back up vocals

* Recorded at Mediatrack AV Cebu Philippines June 2008~Doug James Prod.
# Recorded at Inntuckekoi Studios Qld Australia 1999~Col Prod.

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Visit Col's Parrotherad Page
Parrotfanalia's Phirst Photo Shoot Photo:Peter Neely
Brian McCarthy and Fin BMW
Brian McCarthy
  Lionel and Rita (Frank and Lola)
To celebrate their mutual "First Fleet" ancestry, Col, Lionel Aitken and ABC radio announcer Rita Montebello, formed “Parrotfanalia”, the first Jimmy Buffett charity-based fan club in the southern hemisphere. On Australia Day, January 26th 1995, they held their inaugural fund raising show, which carried the wordy but inescapable tag of “Parrotfanalia’s PHirst, PHirst PHleet Parrot Head Party”. With invaluable help from Brian McCarthy, the club phlourished and phloundered for over seven years and raised several thousand dollars for its beneficiary, the Australian Volunteer Coast Guard. For more information on The First Fleet, visit Col's "Family History" page.
Poster for "Parrotfanalia's Phirst, Phirst Phleet Parrot Head Party~1995
Bill, Col, Coast Guard beauty, Beverly Donahue Lionel and Rita and percussionist, Rodger Peters
With Paul Regan (left) and Rick Matson~Celebrating 20 years of PH comraderie

Pics and poster pfrom Parrotfanalia's "Phirst, Phirst Phleet Parrot Head Party"~January 26, 1995.
Pirate Pete and Charlie~A suphur crested cockatoo
Parrotfanalia's, Pirate Pete,
with Charlie the Cockatoo
Watermelon hat!
Club T-shirt Logo

Hog's-Gold Coast '99
Bill Payne~Knew ALL the songs by heart!
____Col Noble______"The Loose Cannons"______Bill Payne____
The last Sunday in April in Australia is designated "Annual Jimmy Buffett Parrot Head Party Day". "(P)parrot (H)eads", Buffett fans, flock to Hog's Breath Cafes all around the country to party and celebrate to the music of Jimmy Buffett. After the demise of Parrotfanalia, Rita, Lionel, and his band Montserrat, continue on PFanOz's charitable course with their annual fund raiser, Party With A Purpose.
Hog's Annual J.B Party 2000
Hog's Annual J.B Party '99

Phallen Phriend
Claudia Moon pictured next to Pirate Pete, was Parrotfanalia's very first financial member. She was very proud of her membership number, # 0001.
R.I.P. Claudia
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Where's The Party?J.B.
Saturday, 9th November, 2013
Island Time Fundraising Events Inc

Click Here to visit  Island Time
Island Time~The Parrothead Party With A Purpose
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A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean
Living and Dying In 3/4 Time
Havana Daydreamin'
Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
Changes In Latitudes
You Had To Be There

Coconut Telegraph Somewhere Over China One Particular Harbour Riddles In The Sand Last Mango In Paris Floridays Boats, Beaches, Bars and Ballads~The Box Set" Off To See The Lizard Far Side Of The World

Cool Caribbean Sounds On-Line
Eric Stone~Boat Songs" Check it out! Ewan Mackenzie
Ewan Mackenzie
Ewan Mackenzie
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